About Us


Family owned & operated.

From the woods of Lyme, Caitlin & G. Patrick Vickers bring you The Barefoot Gardener LLC.  


Caitlin Courtney - Vickers

Caitlin is the owner of The Barefoot Gardener LLC.  

Born and raised in Lyme, CT.

Gardening came naturally to Caitlin, as she grew up in it... quite literally, her grandmother was a master gardener and enjoyed teaching anything she could about the garden.  These same lessons are being shared with Caitlin's children.  

She loves to transform spaces into magical gardens. Caitlin enjoys creating whimsical gardens which transform your yard and take you to a place of peace and happiness.  

Caitlin holds a degree in human services.  

As of 2019 Caitlin will hold the title of Master Gardener from UCONN. 


G. Patrick Vickers


Pat is The Barefoot Builder. 

Pat grew up in Columbia, CT. Before settling in Lyme, CT he lived in Arizona for many years. He has a wonderful daughter, who is a student in AZ.


Pat has the ability to transform any space into something truly magnificent. 

The skills which Patrick has refined over the years came from on the job training. Simply put, he learned from some of the best carpenters on the CT shoreline. 

In his spare time Pat enjoys boating, attending endless softball games and practices, leading his Cub Scouts troop, working on his fixer upper house... clearly I was kidding, no spare time!

The Barefoot Builder